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Corporate Communications Division

Orange Corporation provides strong support for your corporate communications in 4 specialized domains: PR, IR, CSR, and internal communications. Our multilingual communication division swiftly responds your various global communication needs, from translation in 36 different languages to the development of communication tools according to global trends.


We provide integrated services to help in the creation of your corporate communications to improve brand value, including the development and implementation support of PR strategies, production of communication tools, gauging effectiveness, and providing feedback.

Internal Communications

In corporate management, positive efforts by each employee make up a considerable driving force in corporate development. We provide support for your dynamic business development by providing quality internal communication tools.

CSR Communications

From the development of CSR management systems to the creation of CSR reports, we help you to promote superior CSR management and improve corporate trust and reputation in the eyes of your stakeholders.

IR Communications

Based on our IR belief in “a sincere attitude to communicate proper information with the market in a timely and appropriate manner,” we provide IR communication advice to establish stable relationships with shareholders and investors.

Foreign Language Communications

We provide comprehensive support for your global communications. Our services include translation between a total of 36 Asian, European, American, and Middle Eastern languages, and the production of communication tools in foreign/multiple languages. We also have a great deal of experience and accomplishments in highly specialized domains such as various technical documents, patents, and financial IR and CSR reports.

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