CSR Communications
CSR Communications

CSR Communications to establish sustainable trust relationships with stakeholders

CSRcommunication-enWhile various global social issues including population growth, climate change, and resource depletion have become increasingly serious, the social influence of corporations has also increasingly grown via economic expansion and market globalization. Steady operations of CSR management system and stakeholder communication activities play an extremely effective role in enhancing the foundation of corporate management, building a corporation’s strong social presence, and achieving sustainable development. Based on our belief in the concept that “better corporations make better society,” we aim to support your CSR management. Our CSR management support services include analysis of current CSR activities, development of CSR targets, management system building, and implementation of communications via CSR reports.

Our service

Analysis and identifying problems in the current CSR

Development of CSR vision

Building CSR management system

Planning and production of CSR reports and environmental reports

Building online CSR site

Planning and production of CSR penetration tools

Translation and production of CSR/ environmental reports in English

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