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Our goal is to become your best partner for corporate communications

Since the company’s establishment in 1987, Orange Corporation, as an expert in corporation communications, has provided our clients with integrated support for value-creation in fields pertaining to information, from commination strategy planning to providing creative proposals and the development of cross-media tools to combine print and e-media. In our more than 10 years in the multi-lingual communication assistance business, our seamless services without any cultural or language barriers have been highly regarded. We will continuously strive to be the best partner for our clients by listening sincerely to their current needs and continuing to offer innovative solutions.

Seven Strengths of Orange Corporation

1. Comprehensive support in the information and communication processes

We provide comprehensive support to enhance your corporate value through various information and communication processes, from strategy planning and the development and creation of communication tools to gauging effectiveness and providing feedback.

2. Rich experience and know-how in corporate communications

We have a great deal of experience and know-how in corporate communications, including PR, IR, CSR and internal communications. We provide the best professional advice with our expertise in each field.

3. Cross-media proposals

One of our specialties is creating cross-media proposals that make the most of the features of each medium. Let us handle your multimedia communications needs by using smartphones and tablets as well as print and Web-based tools.

4. Global communications

We handle communications in a total of 36 different languages, including Asian, European, American, and Middle Eastern languages. One of our features is a one-stop service system that takes care of our clients throughout the entire process from translation and foreign language media production to quality control in-house. Our reliable, time-tested translation quality and ability to offer quick delivery are unsurpassed by others.

5. Comprehensive support by experienced project directors

Our experienced project directors will be in charge of your projects throughout the complete process. We respond in detail from the time we first hear your requests and goals, and develop solutions and provide progress management and follow-up services, so that you can rest assured.

6. Quality control system

Our approach is to drive out-of-the-box ideas for innovation and provide thorough quality control to create value. In March 2002, we obtained ISO9001 certification, which is an international standard quality control system, based on the idea that it is essential to establish a robust system in order to keep providing quality products and services that our clients will be pleased with.

7. Robust security system to protect privacy and our clients’ sensitive information

As a company in the 16190011_04_100_JP information service industry, we strive to improve information security on a company-wide level. Each employee respects the regulations and raises awareness of information security. To meet these goals, we established a privacy management system and obtained the Privacy Mark license from the Japan Institute for the Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) in July 2006.

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